GReeeeN “Misenainamidaha, kitto ituka”
Piano Solo short ver.

GReeeeN”Misenainamidaha, kitto ituka” Piano Solo -short ver.- sheet music & Melody

GReeeeN Misenainamidaha, kitto ituka  Piano Solo -short ver.- sheet music & Melody [FastMusic]
Music Sheet & Sound Source 440YEN(Tax included)
only Sound Source 200YEN(Tax included)
Difficulty : Elementary Beginner [Intermediate] Advanced Pro
GReeeeN”Misenainamidaha, kitto ituka”Piano Solo, short ver. sheet music
This music is Japanese TV drama “Strawberry night” theme tune.
The English translation title is “The tear which is not shown surely bears when or …”.

[ Reference Performance ]

This product is a set of “Music Sheet ( PDF file 3 pages )” and “Reference Performance MP3“.

There is also only “MP3”.
Please use it with ringtones, alarm sounds etc!

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