I summarized frequently asked questions.
For other questions please contact form.

Q1.The checkout method is described here

The checkout method is here.

Q2.What is the file format of music sheet?

It is a PDF file.
You need the latest Acrobat Reader to open the PDF file.

Q3.What is the file format of sound source?

It is a MP3.
Please use the music play application.

Q4.Is there a limit on the number of downloads?

The number of downloads is unlimited.
Please download it within one week after checkout.
After the deadline, downloading becomes impossible.

Q5.Purchased items can not be downloaded

Please contact us from the contact form.

Q6.I want to cancel after checkout

It can not be canceled for data sale.
Please understand the price and contents before checkout.

Q7.About music request

It is available from here.
We will commercialize
if there are many specific requests or requests that I like.

Q8.Can I ask questions on how to play?

I do not give performance advice.
Please see each reference performance.

Q9.How to change from Japanese

Please select “English (United States)” at the top right of the site.