Here is a summary of FAQ!

Q1.About the purchase method

The checkout method is here.

You may not be able to purchase due to a server malfunction.
In that case, please try for a while.

Q2.About new member registration

Please see here for the method of new membership registration.
When you register as a new member, I will send Confirmation email immediately.

If you access the link described in the email, The new registration is complete.
Therefore, please set to receive ‘@ fastmusic.jp‘.
In addition, you cannot use mail that cannot receive mail from Japan.

Q3.What is the file format of music sheet?

It is a PDF file.
You need the latest Acrobat Reader to open the PDF file.

If you can’t open or print the PDF file, please install the font package (Windows / Mac).
On the above page, there is an item ‘ADD-ONS’, and there is ‘-Font Pack (Continuous)-‘.

Q4.What is the file format of sound source?

It is a MP3.
Please use the music play application.

Q5.Is there a limit on the number of downloads?

The number of downloads is unlimited.
Please download it within one week after checkout.
After the deadline, downloading becomes impossible.

Q6.About trouble at the time of purchase

There are rare cases where payment cannot be made by paypal examination.
In that case, the examination will take 24 hours.
Therefore, the download link of the product may be sent 24 hours later.

If you can’t pay with Paypal, please disable your browser plugin.

For problems after purchase,
Please reply to the email sent when the purchase is complete.
Purchase completion email will be sent in HTML format.

Please contact me from here about trouble before purchase.

Q7.I want to cancel after checkout

It can not be canceled for data sale.
Please understand the price and contents before checkout.

Q8.About music request

It is available from here.
We will commercialize
if there are many specific requests or requests that I like.

Q9.Can I ask questions on how to play?

I don’t give performance advice.
Please see each reference performance.

Q10.How to change from Japanese

Please select “English (United States)” at the top right of the site.

Q11.The display of the site is broken

Please clear your browser’s cache.
Please search the net for how to clear the browser cache.

Q12.How to log out

After login, Please access ‘Purchase History’ from the top page.
There is a logout button, so please press it.

Q13.Change and Deletion of member registration

After login, Please access ‘Purchase History’ from the top page.
There is ‘Account’ button, so please press it.
You will be taken to the “My Profile” page, where you can change or delete your membership registration.


Please contact me from here for other questions.