[Important] Member Registration and Checkout Method


I will explain about the method of purchasing Music Sheet / Sound Source.

【Table of Contents】About Checkout Method

1.Member Registration and Login

2.Product Selection and Confirmation

3.Payment (PayPal)


1.Member Registration and Login

If you purchase Music Sheet / Sound Source on this site,
you need to register as a member.

To fill E-mail address, Your Name, Country, Gender, Birthday, etc.
Please press ‘Register‘ button.
*I have made many mistakes in entering my email address.
*Please set to receive form “@fastmusic.jp”
*Please allow emails with URLs and HTML format emails to be received.
*Please contact me if you fail to receive the email. I will send it again.

Send confirmation E-mail after registration.

Click on the address written in the email
to complete the new registration.

And you can Log in.

*By specification, I will move to the Japanese page.
Please select the language in the upper right (English Only).

2.Product Selection and Confirmation

Please select products from the list.

After selecting the product, you will move to the detail page.

You can add to cart by clicking the button at the bottom right.
※Please be careful not to make a mistake in selection
of Music Sheet / Sound Source.

The button turns red when added to cart.

Click the red button to move to the checkout page.

However, if you are not logged in, the login form will be displayed.

If you can log in, Checkout becomes possible.

Please confirm the purchase details
and agree to the “Terms of Service”.
Push the checkout button to make the payment procedure.

*About Terms of Service
1.The deadline that can be downloaded is one week after checkout.
2.For data sale, no return.
… and so on are listed.
For the services in Japan, the terms are written in Japanese.

3.Payment (PayPal)

Press ‘Purchase’ button to switch to PayPal’s login page.

If you are a PayPal member, please log in and proceed.
*If PayPal login status is saved in your browser, it will be skipped.
*If you can not log in, try new registration again.

*If you are using PayPal for the first time,
please register as a new member.

*The contents may change depending on the country.

When you log in, I will confirm the settlement.

When payment is completed,
wait until it is automatically redirected.

*There are rare cases where payment cannot be made by paypal examination.
In that case, the examination will take 24 hours.
Therefore, the download link of the product may be sent 24 hours later.


When payment is completed,
it will be automatically redirected to the download page.
*As you may move to the Japanese page,
please reselect the language in the upper right.

Please click the link to download purchased items!

After logging out,You can access the purchase completion page
from the purchase history page.

But, the download link will disappear.

If you need to re-download,
please download from the link in the purchase completion e-mail
sent at the completion of checkout.

*The email will be sent in HTML format.
*One week after the purchase,
the email download link will also be invalidated.
*The English site can not be displayed
when moving from the purchase history page to the purchase completion page.

That was about member registration and purchase method.

If you lose your password, please click here.

For trouble after purchase, I hope you can reply to
the email sent when the purchase is complete.

For other unknown points please see the FAQ.

Thank you very much.

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