Music Sheet Survey

This is survey for those who can do a piano performance.
Since reference of score work is used, please give me cooperation.

When the character of a picture is not displayed in the last input, please open time and try again.

What year is your piano experience?     
Do you go to the music academy?
Do you have a piano?
What are you in the music of your favorite genre,
when a piano performs?
Do you announce a piano performance on a stage?
Are you interested in uploading
one's piano performance to Youtube?

What kind of music sheet are you using?
Where do you buy a music sheet?
The name of a store.:  
How was "Fast Music" got to know?
Is the music sheet of FastMusic difficult?
Is there any favorite score in which I sell you? Music Title:
Who is your favorite music artists?
What are your favorite movie or drama, anime? (arbitrary)

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